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SANAY INDUSTRIES is a Recognized Manufacturer and suppliers of Henna, Hair care Herbs & Personal care herbs, We are well established Company with the state of art Manufacturing facility and as Per GMP Guidelines we are backed by own cultivation and contract farming Starting from the source, our dedicated team of procurement looks into right source bearing in mind the corporate responsibility. We recognize that our Farmers are crucial to our business success. We therefore believe in partnering with each and every Farmer irrespective of the size and location and provide advisory and consultancy services to develop them so that they come up to our expectations and follow business ethics in letter and spirit

We are located at SOJAT CITY of marwar region (Jodhpur empire), is situated on the left bank of the Sukri River, in Pali district India Sojat is India's largest henna cultivating and producing city. Henna produced in this region has popularity all over the world as "Rajasthani Henna". It imparts rich dark reddish stains on hands and feet and also acts as a good natural conditioner for hair. Due to its favorable climatic conditions and soils Sojat is the only region in India where henna is grown and exported worldwide: about 90% of the henna produced in this region is exported to about 130 countries.

QUALITY POLICY Being in the business of preparing Products from herbs and manufacturing Hair care & Personal care Raw Material we are conscious of the fact that the products are to be used for Human so health is our prime concern. We are committed to provide the BEST QUALITY products with highest degree of PURITY. QUALITY We have highly qualified and experienced professionals to constantly monitor quality at every stage from procurement to delivery. Adherence to quality is one of our core business values which has helped the company to develop and retain dedicated of customers across a wide range of industry users. We are devoted to provide quality products with quality services to its clients at every level. Our devotion to maintain quality standards we have several checks in place, starting from the source till it reaches the Manufacturer.

FACALITIES Our manufacturing facilities are embedded with state-of-the-art technology capable of yielding high volume production with consistency in quality. Our manufacturing units cater to wide spectrum of Hair Care & personal care industry We are well established with the latest Machine of cleaning, Sorting grading and grinding, we process 10’000 Mts of raw material in the area of 20, 000 sqft

SOJAT CITY - HENNA TOWN Sojat city of Marwar region (Jodhpur empire) is India’s largest henna cultivating and producing city ,Henna Produced in this region has Popularity all over the world as “RAJASTHANI HENNA ” Large quantity of the Henna produced in this region is exported to world wide

Henna of this region has a high content of lawsone (the dyeing agent in henna powder) of 0.5–2.5% in dry henna leaves. It attaches itself strongly to proteins, and as a result the dye is very fast. The higher the lawsone content in henna powder, the better the quality Henna has been used for ages for hair coloring and is not known to cause any harmful effect to the human hair. Henna is a natural product which not only is chemical free but also helps in preventing dandruff. It nourishes the scalp and makes the hair smoother. Henna is a natural conditioner and helps the hair grow faster. Henna helps you to hide the gray hair and is nature’s gift for people who are allergic to chemical reaction. Applying Natural the natural herb helps restore the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp without affection the natural balance of your hair. Henna is the safest way to color your hair and has no ammonia or any kind of toxins. The conditioning power of Henna protects the hair strands by building a protective layer and locking the nutrients and moisture

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